Some Useful Tips for Perfect HTML Markup

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It is a well known fact that PSD to HTML conversion is one of the most preferred ways of converting a design to a suitable markup. PSD to HTML provides a well structured and error free website. It guarantees the best web portal with all the features incorporated in it. In order to get the best results, it is important to have a thorough knowledge about how to convert PSD to XHTML/CSS. Discussed below in detail are some of the useful tips for the perfect HTML markup. Continue Reading...

PSD to Magento conversion: Fast Search Engine eCommerce website Ranking Solution

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Magento is one of the most popular and widely used eCommerce Content Management Systems. The platform allows an individual to publish or showcase a well-designed retail store to its online customers. Magento is equipped with thousands of features that make it possible to run the eCommerce store in the most effective manner. The software not only allows a person to showcase the products online but also allows him/her to understand the customers’ behaviours. Besides, the store can also be linked with different other social media sites that automatically promote a product on social media within the “friend circle” of a customer. With PSD to Magento Conversion, a website owner can always optimize the flexibility of the software and enjoy several other benefits. Magento already extends several user control and management features. And by converting PSD to Magento, you can further use these features more conveniently.
So, what happens when a PSD is converted into Magento? Well! While converting PSD to HTML/Magento, the HTML coding is changed that make the entire difference. Due the customized coding, it becomes easy to use the already available features of Magento in the best possible manner.

PSD to CSS: A Process liable for Website Loading

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In today's hyper competitive and highly globalized world, there is no dearth of websites on the world wide web. At the same time, there is a fierce competition among websites to fare well and stay ahead of its competitors. Due to this reason it is imperative to ensure that a website is up to mark in all aspects to face the tough competition and survive. Most of the times, a very common yet so overlooked factor that affects the performance and search engine ranking of a website is slow loading web pages. If a web page takes too much time to load, it does not augur well for the website. One of the best ways to improve the loading speed of web pages is to convert PSD to CSS. PSD to CSS conversion helps in developing highly advanced and lighter web pages that load quickly. This is why PSD to CSS is so sought after by developers as well as business owners across the world.

List of Top 15 Coding Tools of HTML5

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HTML5 was originally proposed by Opera Software, a Norwegian software company. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the company was known for its Opera family of web browsers that had more than 220 million users worldwide. Besides, the company is also engaged in promoting web standard through regular participation in W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) which is the main organization that defines standards for Word Wide Web. The fifth revision of HTML, HTML5 is aimed at improving the performance of the language with the support of the latest multimedia. Continue Reading...

Things to be Kept in Mind for PSD to Joomla Conversion

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In the current competitive online market, just to have an ordinary website is not sufficient. In order to compete against the other already existing websites, your website must be unique, user-friendly and dynamic enough. The one and only reason behind to create an extraordinary website is to generate quality targeted traffic. To accomplish this goal, PSD to Joomla template conversion has become one of the most favorite web development techniques today. This brilliant mechanism provides the best features of your PSD file along with enhanced functionalities of the Joomla CMS. A PSD to Joomla template is not only highly scalable but also very easy to use and can be managed by the non-technical people as well. When you convert PSD to Joomla format, you need to keep few basic things in your mind. These things will ensure that the website offers both high functionality as well as visual appeal.

Slice the PSD Files to Joomla: In the process of PSD design to Joomla template conversion, first you need to perform the slicing of the PSD file. Before you start the slicing, carefully plan your website and break it into different segments such as the body, header, footer, etc. so that you can name them and save each of them individually.

PSD to HTML/XHTML Conversion: Before you perform CMS integration, PSD to HTML/CSS conversion is the basic step you need to carry out for a successful, fully functional and robust website. To supply pixel perfect, accurate and clean coding, make sure to handle this step with utmost care.

Integration: After PSD to HTML conversion, Joomla integration should be performed. This step allows you to customize the look of your website like the way that fulfills the unique needs of your business. You can do this either by admin panel of Joomla or by the directories created in your local system. To further increase the scalability and functionality of your website, you can include the third part plug-ins.

Clean Coding Structures:
To obtain a robust and fully functional website, the clean coding structures are vital. Clean coding improves your search engine ranking by attracting search engine flatterers. A professional web developer uses semantic coding techniques where he defines each and every elements of the website to generate better performance.

CSS Is Key: CSS is helpful to provide clean markup codes by appropriately defining the presentation semantics. With PSD to CSS, you can include font’s type, font’s size, image’s size, and color scheme of your website. First of all, it splits the document content written in HTML and then accomplish the document presentation including the font’s type, font’s size, image’s size, and color scheme of your website. This step ensures to present an eye-catching website.

Perform W3C Validation: W3C validation is essential to ensure that the structure of your website is in sync with the latest technology. This plays a major role to improve the performance of your website on the search engines.

Check Cross Browser Compatibility:
Once you have created your website, test it across all the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. Make sure to have a cross browser website which can run uniformly across all the browsers.

PSD to Joomla: Reasons to Convert

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Internet is a highly competitive territory. Having a mere website will do little to add to your competitive advantage in the market. You need to be backed by a robust technology and PSD to Joomla would perfectly suit your bill. This open source content management system offers you complete control over your website. You can easily download the source code and customize it to meet the demands of your business.

Thousands of websites around the world have been developed using PSD to HTML/ Joomla conversion methods. From community websites to ecommerce websites, Joomla is being used by one and all. If you are still wondering why you should opt for a PSD to Joomla template conversion services, the following reasons will surely help you get rid of the dilemma.
1. You will achieve a unique looking website with this conversion which is the need of the hour as far as web development is concerned. With so many websites around you need to catch the eye of the visitor at one glance. Using a template that is being used by hundred other companies won’t allow you to become a market leader.

2. The success of your website will depend on the traffic it has and this is where PSD to Joomla conversion helps in drawing more traffic to your website from search engines. You need to keep in mind that search engines account for a bulk of traffic to your website and if your website isn’t search engine friendly, you are losing out on a major portion of your audience. With this conversion search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing will index your website easily and offer you better rankings.

3. This conversion will render uniformity to your website in terms of the fonts, size of images and the color scheme. The CSS file used in PSD to CSS/Joomla conversion allows you to control the appearance of your website in a centralized way. The CSS file decides the attributes of the website which lets you experiment with the content without hurting the look of the website.

4. PSD to Joomla template allow you to have a user-friendly website. The websites developed using this technique is easy to navigate which helps in bringing down the bounce rate of your website. The interactive features of the Joomla based websites keep the visitors for longer duration promoting the cause of your business.

5. With PSD to Joomla conversion you will have a cross browser compatible website. This is very important as this helps in increasing the traffic to your website by making it compatible with all the browsers such as Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer and Firefox.

With all these advantages PSD to HTML5/Joomla conversion becomes a must for your business. You should cash in on these advantages before your business rival takes the lead. There are many web development companies around the world which convert PSD to HTML/Joomla template conversion services and you should opt for their services over some armature developers. This gives you a higher return on investment and also sets your website apart from the other ordinary looking websites.

Use of video Tag and its Attributes in HTML5

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Latest video tag has been introduced by HTML5 which can support all kinds of video streams on web pages. The best feature of this tag is that it can be embedded inside any particular HTML website. Most of the web browsers have incorporated this video tag of HTML5. Even websites like YouTube has started incorporating these video tags....continue reading

Benefits of PSD to HTML conversion in the light of semantic coding

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It has become a basic requirement for all businesses to have attractive and presentable web portals.  The fierce competition among thousands of web portals has made things even more difficult for them and attracting and retaining customers on their websites has become quite a daunting task.  Therefore, numerous businesses are turning to PSD to HTML conversion so that their websites can derive maximum benefit and contribute in profit.

How PSD to HTML CSS Plays An Important Role in Web Development?

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Internet is a rat race where your website will need to compete with thousands of others in a bid for everyday survival. Unless you are backed up by high quality development and technology there is little you should expect out of your business website. Bulk of the website around the world are being developed using the PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS web development technique. This helps you in achieving two important things – Impeccable looks and functionality and high rankling of the search engines resulting in more visitors and better marketing. These are two major contributing factors which keep you ahead in the race.

Why Convert PSD to CSS?

How many marks would you give to uniformity if you are to judge a website? PSD to CSS conversion lets you have uniform website as all the visual attributes such as the color scheme, font, background etc. are controlled by the CSS or the Cascading Style Sheet. You can apply changes to the attributes of the entire website from the CSS file. It rids of the ordeal of having to code each and every page individually. When you convert PSD to CSS it separates the design from the content and gives you much more freedom with the content on your website. Apart from the visual appearance the CSS file also allows you website to render fast on a web browser there by increasing its popularity among users.

Advantages of PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion

1. First and foremost this helps you achieve unique looking website which is so very important to stand out among the crowd. Your website will be themed on your business and will take care of your minute needs.

2. PSD to HTML conversion allows you to have highly compatible web pages. This kind of coding also helps you enhance different features of the website such as images, text as well as the multimedia elements. These helps you website become interactive and more popular among the users.

3. Clean coding techniques are adopted while converting PSD to HTML thereby reducing the coding to minimal. This help in making your webpages light which reduces their load time and increases the marketability.

4. This technique helps you rank high on the search engines thanks to the semantic coding technique where each and every element of the website is well defined which makes it easy for the search engine spiders to crawl through the website and index it higher.

5. The website is W3C validated in this technique. This validation checks for the coding errors and let you get rid of those errors in your code. This validation adds to the SEO score of your website.

6. You can achieve a table less design when you convert PSD to HTML which give you more flexibility with the content. This way you and easily the structuring of the website without any need of the tables.

7. Last but not the least you achieve a cross-browser compatible website which is very important in a fragmented browser market. Your website will render uniformly on all browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari

If you are looking to convert PSD to HTML make sure you hire the services of a developer who has expertise in the platform. They should hand code the website and should have adequate knowledge of all the protocols and validations surrounding HTML development. There are a lot of web development companies around the world which offer you customized PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS development solutions and you should partner with them for a robust website.

Importance of HTML Code Validation During PSD to XHTML Conversion

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PSD to HTML conversion is one of the most preferred and highly trusted methods of converting design to code. PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS conversion provide great results and an effective website full of all the required features. This is why majority of website owners prefer to convert PSD to HTML. However, while converting PSD to XHTML, it is very important to keep in mind that HTML code validation is very crucial process during the conversion. Read further and you will find out why it is necessary to validate HTML code after PSD to HTML conversion.

The importance of HTML code validation is related to the neat and clean site structure. It need not be told that a neat and clean site layout looks visually stunning and helps in drawing large number of visitors that may turn into potential customers. Besides this, a neat site structure also helps in getting search engine crawlers to the site. This helps in building the reputation of a site and also improves its search engine ranking. But without a neat and clean website structure, all this would not be possible. And it is the HTML code validation that ensures that a site is well structured and has a neat structure.

It is only a valid and semantic code that helps in creating an excellent web portal. Without semantic code, the layout and look of a website can get all jumbled up. To ensure that all the elements are located at the right places, semantic code is must. In fact, great semantic and valid HTML code is the very first requirement of an excellent web portal. Such a code helps to ensure that PSD to XHTML conversion results into genuine image. It is only a clean and valid mark up that helps in building an efficient web site. On the other hand, an inadequately done HTML code can badly influence your website's accessibility to a great extent. It may mar the accessibility of your site resulting in poor visibility. It will  then directly influence your visitor count and quality of traffic. This is why it is utterly important to have a validated HTML code.

While converting PSD to CSS/HTML, it is extremely important to ensure that the final result comes out as good as it is expected. A validated HTML code ensures that a web page is thoroughly clean and has valid codes. The validation of code is a necessary process that helps in checking the high quality and accuracy of web pages with HTML/XHTML codes from a large number of basic requirements set by world wide web consortium or W3C. W3C is a n official body and has set some standard provisions and mechanisms for HTML markup validation that all web pages should adhere to for validating HTML/XHTML codes.

In today's highly competitive market, it would be foolish to underestimate the considerable and significant value of clean and compliant HTML mark-ups. Before launching a website, it is imperative to get the HTML code validated. This not only helps in finding out errors and glitches, but also ensures that a website performs well after it is launched. It helps in finding out fundamental coding errors as well as non regular codes of the document. Therefore, it guarantees  clear code, nested tags, and ensures that all tags are closed.

From the above discussion it is quite evident that it is of utmost importance  to validate the HTML and XHTML mark up. Without validating your mark up, you can not expect your PSD design to HTML will compete with  your rivals or  survive the fierce competition.

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