How Conversion is Helpful in creating a well formed Magento Store

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Magento as a platform for developing online store is immensely popular these days. It is arguably the best solution available in the present day to develop an ecommerce website or online store.
The fact that makes Magento development for your website, an ideal solution for acquiring an online store is that it comes laced with features and attributes, ideal to power an ecommerce website. Some of the attributes of Magento as an ecommerce website publishing platform are discussed below:

  • Multiple images per product, in order to showcase the product in a better way. The feature is also supported by zoom in viewing option of the product images.
  •  Flexible coupon rates and other marketing and promotional features.
  • Mobile ecommerce website development.
  • Easy shipment and payment integration.
  • Flexible user account management.
  • Google analytics and report generation.

PSD to Magento conversion for a high yielding Magento Store.

If you opt for professional PSD to Magento conversion, you avail yourself certain extra and highly competitive features, which leverages the online store up to unparalleled heights. The benefits of professional PSD to CSS/Magento conversion and how it comes out to be beneficial for your online store are discussed below:

- A pixel perfect online store – Professional conversion makes it certain that the online store looks as close as possible to the design file provided. With precise slicing of the design file and efficient coding, a consistent and constant look of the online store is achieved. A unique looking online store attracts more and more users and goes a long way in ensuring the success of the business which is being carried out online.

- High search engine result page rankings of the online store – Proper SEO semantic coding is carried out while converting the design file into HTML and then integrating the power of Magento. This results in a website which performs optimally on the search engines. Search engines “read” the website and hence clean and systematically arranged codes ensure easy “crawling” by the search engine crawlers. As a result of the same, your online store appears early on the search engine result pages. This is crucial in determining the online success, because certainly if your online store lags behind in the search engine result pages, the users will not visit it and hence it will not be able to offer required results.

- Cross browser compatibility of the online store – As the name suggest, cross browser compatibility means that the online store can be easily accessed through various popular web browsers, namely Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. This plays a key role in ensuring healthy amount of traffic to your website from various browser platforms, which obviously increase the trade possibilities.

- W3C valid online stores – W3C validation is given to the website which is found to be fully functional and based on the guidelines provided by the World Wide Web Consortium. W3C validation ensures that the website will remain efficient and fully functional in the long run. It is the mark of quality and reliability for the website.

Professional conversion is the best possible solution

There is a reason why we have stressed at professional PSD to XHTML/Magento Conversion in order to achieve an online store. When you hire professional experts to convert PSD to HTML / Magento, you avail the benefit of their commercial expertise.

Besides, no software is used to perform the markup conversion, the entire process is carried out skilfully through manual codes. It is the professional conversion that ensures W3C validation for the website and makes certain that the website remains fully functional in the long run.


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