How PSD to HTML CSS Plays An Important Role in Web Development?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Internet is a rat race where your website will need to compete with thousands of others in a bid for everyday survival. Unless you are backed up by high quality development and technology there is little you should expect out of your business website. Bulk of the website around the world are being developed using the PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS web development technique. This helps you in achieving two important things – Impeccable looks and functionality and high rankling of the search engines resulting in more visitors and better marketing. These are two major contributing factors which keep you ahead in the race.

Why Convert PSD to CSS?

How many marks would you give to uniformity if you are to judge a website? PSD to CSS conversion lets you have uniform website as all the visual attributes such as the color scheme, font, background etc. are controlled by the CSS or the Cascading Style Sheet. You can apply changes to the attributes of the entire website from the CSS file. It rids of the ordeal of having to code each and every page individually. When you convert PSD to CSS it separates the design from the content and gives you much more freedom with the content on your website. Apart from the visual appearance the CSS file also allows you website to render fast on a web browser there by increasing its popularity among users.

Advantages of PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion

1. First and foremost this helps you achieve unique looking website which is so very important to stand out among the crowd. Your website will be themed on your business and will take care of your minute needs.

2. PSD to HTML conversion allows you to have highly compatible web pages. This kind of coding also helps you enhance different features of the website such as images, text as well as the multimedia elements. These helps you website become interactive and more popular among the users.

3. Clean coding techniques are adopted while converting PSD to HTML thereby reducing the coding to minimal. This help in making your webpages light which reduces their load time and increases the marketability.

4. This technique helps you rank high on the search engines thanks to the semantic coding technique where each and every element of the website is well defined which makes it easy for the search engine spiders to crawl through the website and index it higher.

5. The website is W3C validated in this technique. This validation checks for the coding errors and let you get rid of those errors in your code. This validation adds to the SEO score of your website.

6. You can achieve a table less design when you convert PSD to HTML which give you more flexibility with the content. This way you and easily the structuring of the website without any need of the tables.

7. Last but not the least you achieve a cross-browser compatible website which is very important in a fragmented browser market. Your website will render uniformly on all browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari

If you are looking to convert PSD to HTML make sure you hire the services of a developer who has expertise in the platform. They should hand code the website and should have adequate knowledge of all the protocols and validations surrounding HTML development. There are a lot of web development companies around the world which offer you customized PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS development solutions and you should partner with them for a robust website.


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