Manual Coding of PSD to Wordpress and its Benefits

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wordpress has always been known as a quality blogging platform for months and years now. However, WP is no more just a blogging platform. In fact, it is much more than only a blogging tool. With Wordpress, you can manage an entire web site from scratch, which includes creating it as well. And this is where PSD to Wordpress seems to be the exact answer to everything you would probably need.

As this is the vertebrae of the entire web site, it needs to be understood in the correct way. There are a lot of things that one can do with the PSD to HTML/Wordpress conversion. Of the many positives of the tool, the one that needs an upfront mention is the ability to control and manage multiple web sites through only a single admin.

As a matter of fact, it will take real efforts to see the PSD to CSS/Wordpress theme done correctly. All it needs is a skilled brain in the business. However, developers have shown their genius nature to make it possible. The design you conceived can be transformed into a completely functional web site.

It does not matter what design you have fashioned. It can be easily converted from PSD to Wordpress use, be it for online magazine, a news site or only a blog. The WP themes are not only eye-catching, but also too attractive for site owners to resist the temptation of not using them. This is a victory for the WP themes in itself. The soothing nature of the themes is successful in retaining the visitors for a longer duration.

Benefits PSD to Wordpress Conversion

The most important benefit of PSD to XHTML/Wordpress is that the pages of the web site can become entirely functional as well as compatible to use on any browser.

The pages are easily detected by the search engines. So it gives a better chance of visitors landing on your site. These pages take lesser time to load. So there is no waiting game for the visitors. If pages load faster people will come back again and again as they do not lose time for the pages to download.

Actually, the turnabout time is strictly maintained for all the PSD conversions. Apart from that, the conversion also retains the quality by keeping an eye on the content of the sites. Secondly, the text formatting is easy in Wordpress. It also gives spam protection to you. So you are always safe against unneeded visitors and comments.

Methodologies of PSD to HTML/Wordpress

The most important thing is that you should go for a professional support and continue it at all times. Virtual assistants are also available online. With innovation and skills a developer can turn any design in a WP-based theme or template.

Going for manual coding is always preferred. It is an option for to convert PSD to HTML/ Wordpress. But the criterion is that you should have thorough knowledge of HTML, XHTML, CSS and PHP and of course, Wordpress. By virtue of manual coding, you know exactly what script you have written and the entire picture of the web site is in front of your eyes.

If you get PSD converted to WP, it becomes easy to develop highly dynamic web sites in no time at all. The conversion also comes with the W3C complaint codes. These codes check for the errors as the site goes live. So you get a web site that is free of any bugs.


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