PSD to Magento conversion: Fast Search Engine eCommerce website Ranking Solution

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Magento is one of the most popular and widely used eCommerce Content Management Systems. The platform allows an individual to publish or showcase a well-designed retail store to its online customers. Magento is equipped with thousands of features that make it possible to run the eCommerce store in the most effective manner. The software not only allows a person to showcase the products online but also allows him/her to understand the customers’ behaviours. Besides, the store can also be linked with different other social media sites that automatically promote a product on social media within the “friend circle” of a customer. With PSD to Magento Conversion, a website owner can always optimize the flexibility of the software and enjoy several other benefits. Magento already extends several user control and management features. And by converting PSD to Magento, you can further use these features more conveniently.
So, what happens when a PSD is converted into Magento? Well! While converting PSD to HTML/Magento, the HTML coding is changed that make the entire difference. Due the customized coding, it becomes easy to use the already available features of Magento in the best possible manner.

Magento comes with several SEO tools and plugins. While converting a PSD to Magento, some of the tools can be enhanced and integrated with the Magento theme. Besides, the conversion, since it changes the layout and functioning of the website, automatically add some more Search Engine Optimization Features to the website.

SEO Advantages of converting PSD to Magento

While converting PSD to CSS/Magento, the Photoshop file is first converted in HTML and then this HTML is integrated with your Magento site. Some of the advantages, the conversion promises, are:

Creating Tags:
While converting a Photoshop Design to HTML, you can write the tags, which are important for promoting a site with different keywords. Title Tags, ALT Text, Header Tags, etc are the elements, which you can write in proper manner to optimize the site on the keywords. Title Tags, Header Tags, etc are some of the tags, which are used to optimize the site. The method is widely accepted as it allows you to do effective ON Page SEO for your site, increasing the visibility of the keywords on the search engines. If you follow the proper writing methods to write these code down, your site becomes popular within weeks.

W3C Validation:
If your site is designed and developed as per the guidelines and regulations of W3C, it gets promoted swiftly. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international organization that sets standard for Web. While converting your site to HTML, you can take care of all these rules and regulations and build a site, which is hundred percent correct as per the W3C regulations.

Social Media:
The flexibility to connect to social media through your Magento account is amazing. It allows users to share all the moves on Magento eCommerce on different Social media Site. They can like, promote, suggest and recommend products on their facebook and twitter account. As a Magento website owner, you can also create your account on different social media site and manage it with ease.

Cross Browser Compatibility:
Have you ever observed that your site sometimes just do not work with all the brewers. Well! This may also happen with your Magento Site. So, convert PSD to HTML/Magento process is easy handle t. You can modify the HTML tags and ensure complete Cross Browser compatibility of the site.

Thus, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) validation; Well Structured XHTML/CSS; Hand-coded W3C Valid XHTML and CSS; enhancement of several other tools, etc are some of the things that can help you make your site popular on search engines.


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