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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Getting a website is no longer considered the luxury of the rich and high class, rather a necessity and a prerequisite of the present fast track and highly competitive business world. The consumption and utilization of web services have increased tremendously in the present times and Internet has been credited for providing exhaustive opportunities for sustainable growth and development. Besides it is the best available option for the corporate houses to strategically target and position their business activities to the prospected users. The reach of the website cannot be contained in words.
However in order to enjoy the highly gainful benefits being offered by a website, it is a prerequisite to acquire superior PSD to HTML conversion services. PSD to HTML is the ultimate option to acquire a dynamic and highly web compatible website. HTML or the Hyper text markup language lays the foundations of any web page and with suitable markup conversions, a highly web compatible and search engine friendly website can be acquired out of any available design file.

A PSD or photo shop design file is a static image file, which represents the design and look of the website. But the problem with PSD files is that they are static, lack the attributes of user interaction and navigation, and cannot be directly uploaded to the web browsers, due to their stocky size. Good quality PSD to CSS/HTML markup conversion provides the users with top quality web application, which along with being web compatible, are pixel perfect and search engine optimized.

Pixel perfection is the attribute which makes the website looks exactly similar to the original prescribed PSD file, or as close as possible. PSD to HTML conversion is performed with highly detailed and precise slicing. The static PSD file is carefully sliced into various sections like header, footer, body and etc prior to the coding. Each of the sliced portions are then carefully coded through HTML elements to make it web compatible.

Search engine optimization is the attribute of the website which makes it appear earlier on the search engine results. Search engines like Google, MSN Bing, and Yahoo etc are widely used today by the users to find solutions for their problems. Search engine optimization is a tedious process and requires optimum use of keywords in the content and various HTML tags. If you acquire a professional help in order to convert PSD to HTML, you get superior SEO services. The professional web design and development company will analyze the proper keywords related to your business and utilize the same in the URL’s, Header (H1, H2, H3 etc) tags and in the content as well. Besides the professional markup conversion will also lay emphasis on Meta tag description, in order to inform the search engine crawlers and the online users, what exactly the website and its features are all about.
PSD to HTML conversion should never take place in isolation and more often than not they are followed with PSD to CSS conversion, with the aim to further refine the web product. CSS or the cascading style sheet language is a blessing for the web developers, as it helps them come up with highly flexible coding structures. Converting the PSD file to CSS helps in reducing the coding and helps in defining the presentation semantics of the website. It helps customizing and defining the layout of the website, organize the fonts and styling in a way that will be most accessible to human senses.

Efficient coding provides the website with W3C validation, which makes the website highly efficient and fully functional. Along with that the cross browser compatibility will let users access the website through various web browsers. Achieve highly search engine friendly and top quality pixel perfect products with PSD to HTML conversion.


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