Hand Coded PSD to HTML Conversion Vs Software

Sunday, January 8, 2012

An effective PSD to HTML conversion forms the basis of any web page. HTML or the Hyper Text Markup Language is today regarded as the language of the Internet. HTML or a similar markup conversion is the only possible option available for a website solicitor, to get a web compatible website.

A PSD file, on the other hand, is a photo shop design file. It lets the web designers or any one for that matter – with a creative eye, to design and save the look of the file in PDF format. The same can be saved as a JPEG file and etc. The relevance of a PSD file is that it lets you explain the look of your desired website in detail and in a “to the point” manner. Though it lacks browser compatibility. It is too heavy to be uploaded over the Internet and does not provide any sort of user navigation and interaction. Thus PSD to CSS/HTML conversions are gaining widespread acceptance and relevance in the present digitized world, in order to receive highly competitive, dynamic and web compatible websites.
In this write up, we will discuss in detail the two techniques present with the modern website solicitors to convert PSD to HTML. These markup conversion services lays down the foundation of your website and thus due attention must be paid to acquire the same. The two options available for the users are professional PSD to HTML Conversion and employing software to perform the same.

Option 1 – Via Software:

Not a single person who has a fair amount of knowledge of the world of website design and development will refer the use of software to do the same. Accepted that software conversion takes very less time and are almost free to use – completely free in case the software is freely available on the downloads and with in a few flashes of time you get the website, but before you decide upon the software conversions, figure this out first – what will be the use of a dysfunctional and error some website which is riddled with bugs in its functionalities?
That is exactly what you receive in PSD to HTML software conversion. A highly unprofessional faulty product, which is only doomed to devastate your brand image in the online market. Avoid website development if you have limited resources, look out for other alternatives but never get software to perform the conversions which are extremely paramount for your website.

Option 2 – Hand Coded PSD to HTML Conversions.

This is undoubtedly the best option available to you for the conversion. Perform it yourself, if you have got the time and skill for it, otherwise outsource the conversion to professional service providers who would skilfully slice the PSD file to HTML and subsequently hand code the same to reveal superior quality pixel perfect web solutions. Search engine optimization is also ensured in the website during the manual coding, by using proper keywords in various tags.
If you hire a professional to convert PSD to CSS/HTML, he also performs the highly significant PSD to CSS conversion. The same reveals highly flexible coding structures, considerable reduces the amount of coding required for website development and hence makes the website light and quickly loadable on the web browsers. PSD to CSS conversion are also vital in presenting the website to the users in such a way which is most accessible to their senses. It covers all the aspects of presentation semantics of the website. Presentation semantics studies the behavioral sciences and determines the appearance of the content of the website in a way which the human senses are most likely to receive and respond to. The code is later checked across various browsers to ascertain cross browser compatibility.

The decision of the technique used for website development lies with you, but the best possible option for the same surely is Hand coded PSD to HTML conversion.


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