PSD to WordPress Conversion an Incredible Process

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Over the recent couple of years, popularity of WordPress has increased to a great level. People have realized the potentiality of this publishing platform and using it to host their personal sites. With the increased popularity of WordPress, the significance of PSD to HTML and PSD to HTML5 conversion processes have also increased. A systematic and well designed PSD to HTML conversion can benefit you to run your site in a much more organized way. PSD to WordPress theme conversion is an important WordPress development process that is practiced all over the world aggressively. WordPress is a free and open source content management system. A large number of people choose this publishing platform to host their sites. The platform offers a range of free templates and theme.  If you do not go for WordPress development, you have to choose the available theme, which may also be seen on any other site. This is when PSD to WordPress conversion becomes crucial as it ensure individuality of your website by integrating a unique theme for your site. This way you can distinguish your website and make it more attractive and useful. 

How the process is executed? 

PSD is a Photoshop design. When you want to give a new look to your site, just design the theme on Photoshop. Now the page that you will create on Photoshop will be static and hence, you will have to convert it into HTML so that it can be worked with WordPress. While converting PSD to HTML, you also use CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) to define a certain style to the content including text, graphics, images, etc. 

How the PSD to WordPress conversion is an incredible Process? 

There are several advantages of the process that make the process an incredible practice for WordPress website owner. WordPress conversion is not about just the customization of theme but it also ensures benefits that are related to technicalities and functionality of the site. These benefits are: 


WordPress customization is an affordable process. Besides, PSD to CSS/WordPress theme conversion, you may also ask you developers to make some other changes to increase the functionality of your site by enhancing the free modules available with WorldPress. WordPress is easy to install and easy to manage. 

Cross-Browser Compatibility 

PSD to WordPress conversion offers the facility to increase the cross-browser compatibility of your site. Many a time, a website is not visible clearly on all the browsers. It hampers the popularity of the site. However, while converting your PSD to WordPress, designers make some necessary change in the codes and ensure the site is visible on all the platforms. 
W3C Validation 

World Wide Web Consortium is an international organization that sets standard for World Wide Web and web development technologies. PSD to WordPress conversion help you do necessary changes in the HTML coding ensuring your site follows all the rules and regulations set by W3C. It increases the functionality of your site and ensures smooth operations. 

SEO Friendly 

Besides the above advantages, you can also create tags and Meta tags that can increase the SEO-friendliness of you website. However, when you site is cross-browser compatible and runs according to W3C standards, it is likely to be appear quick in search results automatically. 

Since the PSD to WordPress theme Conversion requires technical knowledge of HTML and CSS, it may not be possible for you to do the job on your own and you may need to hire professional WordPress Developers. You can provide them with all the creative work you have designed or ask them to design a unique PSD file for you. They will not only design the PSD file, but convert it into HTML and CSS and integrate the same on your site.  


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