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Thursday, February 2, 2012

In the world of web development PSD to HTML conversion is considered as a homogeneous solution. Most businesses around the world have adopted this conversion medium as it offers them unmatched advantage. Often termed as Design to HTML this allows customized solution to the needs of your business. Even those who opt for CMS design solutions such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal bank on this conversion to achieve highly flexible websites which are developed from scratch. You can yourself imagine the brand value a custom developed website gives to your business. It will not only help you gain an upper hand over your competitors but also allow you to connect with your customers easily.

This conversion technique involves converting PSD to HTML. Here a visually attractive PSD file is converted to HTML or XHTML to make it compatible with the web. The power of HTML as the most powerful web development platform needs little introduction and with the latest HTML5 in offering you have limitless interactivity options. PSD to CSS conversion is another important step in this process where the Cascading Style Sheet which controls the design attributes of the website is coded. This separates the content from the design element of the website and also reduces the load time of a website.
There are two major type of PSD to HTML conversion techniques which are being used by web developers around the world. They are -

  • Manual Conversion – In this type of PSD to HTML conversion the website the HTML files are manually coded using semantic coding techniques. Here each and every element is defined which increase their search engine rankings. When you design to HTML this is certainly an option that you should opt for as this ensures high quality of coding and improves the performance of the website. Most businesses prefer this technique as the manual coding done by professionals is error free. The coding is run through W3C validation which checks for errors in the coding and also suggest you the relevant rectification in case there are any errors in coding.  
  • Software Generated Coding – This is another way to convert a PSD file into an HTML markup and in this process the HTML codes are auto generated using software and application. The codes aren’t of high quality and often contain errors. This method of conversion many not give you all the desired functions in your website as your business demands. This method is effective for converting websites which aren’t complex in nature.  One of the biggest advantages of this process is the turnaround time as PSD files can be converted into HTML/XHTML markup in no time.

PSD to HTML conversion is as much about having a sound technical knowledge as it is about being creative with the entire conversion process.  To achieve pixel perfect website you need to hire the services of developers who have expertise in this technique to Convert PSD to HTML. They should have thorough knowledge in PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS conversion to ensure your website offers solution to meet all the requirements of your business.

Outsourcing the project to a web development company which has specialization in the job is one of the ideal things to do. This will not only offer you a high quality conversion but also cut down on costs compared to getting this done by an in-house developer.  Be choosy while hiring a web development company and for this job and make sure you take a close look at their portfolio to have a look at the projects they have handled in the past.


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