PSD Slicing:The Basic Concepts You Need To Be Aware Of

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It is a very common sight to come across terms like hand coded PSD to HTML conversion, slicing PSD files to HTML and etc, with a special mention in the field of website designing and development. Though have you ever really paused and wondered what exactly is PSD to HTML slicing? How the hand coded manual conversions are performed by the web developers? This write up aims to provide detailed insights in the world of PSD to HTML slicing and their subsequent advantages.

What exactly is Photoshop?
It is a leading photo editing software created by the Adobe Systems Inc. Photo shop provides the users with a plethora of different tools to perform different functions on the images like manipulate it, crop it, resize it, adjust the colors and do other such image editing operations. Adobe Photo shop is the choice of various professional photographers, web designers, graphic designers, people working in the animation and multimedia field, and other post production people. Besides even designers like fashion designers, textile designers, interior designers, architects and etc readily employs this software for various purposes.

The relevance of photoshop for web designers.
Adobe Photo shop is a very advantageous solution for the web designers and developers. Adobe Photoshop lets the web designers and developers to create the layout of the website using vector based tools like various shapes, different styles, gradients and masks. Photo shop also lets the web designers to slice the image files in different formats life .JPG, .GIF and etc to be suitably coded in the HTML.

Understanding the meaning of PSD Slicing.
Any keen interest in the website design and development scenario must have often revealed to you the term “Slice PSD files to HTML”. As the name suggests, Slicing is the activity of separating the PSD file into different sections and is the most commonly used technology for commencing the task of developing website.
PSD slicing the activity of creating a complete web page or its various components like the web page or the header or navigation menu etc, in the Photo shop, besides Fireworks and Illustrator also provides the PSD to CSS/HTML slicing.
Slicing is a very significant process in developing and designing a website. Slicing divides the bigger bulky image into different smaller sections which can then be duly coded on the HTML. In case a developer would code the bigger image itself, it will cause the problems of heavy websites, which will not be loaded quickly on the web browser. But separating the same into smaller section ensures swift and dynamic websites.
A distinctive slicing of the PSD files gives the web developers the ability optimize each and every section of the under developed web page to make it a competitive web solution. Search engine optimization can be ensured with effective coding and slicing and the web page can be made to load quickly on the browsers of the users.

How to slice PSD files -
The process of PSD to HTML slicing comprises of the following steps:
Step Number 1 – The first step will be to creatively and explicitly develop the design and the desired look of the website in the photo shop.
Step Number 2 – The next step is to precisely slice the PSD file into different smaller components like bars, buttons, headers, footers, navigation menus and etc. The same is done through the slice tool provided by Photo shop.
Step Number 3 – Once when you save the entire thing, each of the slices will be saved as individual graphics by the Photoshop.

Why to slice PSD files?
It is imperative for the web designers to slice the PSD files a due to the following reasons:
1. To begin with, Slicing of the PSD files turns the heavy files into really small sized components.
2. Another advantage that Slicing of images provides is of protection of the copyright material. If you slice and save your Photo shop design files, no one else will be able to steal your designs as that would mean for the person to take out each and every component of the PDF and organize and integrate the same at later stages. Thus it is a discouraging factors for ruthless thieves.
3. PSD slicing considerably reduces the amount of time required for the website to be loaded in the web browsers. Thus it makes the website extremely dynamic and user friendly.
4. PSD  slicing allows the web designers and developers to organize each and every aspect of the PSD file for search engine optimization purposes. It can work for all website with PSD to wordpress, PSD to Joomla, PSD to Magento, PSD to Drupal or for any others PSD to  any conversion process as it is the first and basic steps where the process starts.


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