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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wordpress has emerged as one of the best open source platform for content management systems especially for blogging. Although the launch of wordpress was initially done for an effective tool for writing blogs, it has now gained popularity as the chosen content management system. The content can be easily created, managed and even deleted from a website efficiently by using wordpress. These are the few reasons that has compelled various developments to take place and even it results in PSD to wordpress conversion.

PSD to HTML/wordpress is quite successful in creating robust websites that are highly competent in attracting prospective customers and consequently helps in the growth of a business. An enigmatic web presence is essential nowadays for a lucrative business, therefore it is necessary to convert PSD to CSS/wordpress.
Besides being a dynamic platform for creating websites, PSD to wordpress theme has the capability to enable cross browser compatibility of the website. This feature makes a website to run on different browsers without any major changes. 

Search engine optimization is also considered the most important factor in the success of any website. For online existence, it is essential for a website to be listed at top of all the popular search engines, hence convert PSD to wordpress for an enhanced SAO and a search engine friendly website. 

Some of the other and major advantages of PSD to wordpress conversion are as follows:
1. Websites are made within very less time and a developer can ensure timely delivery.
2. Website markup can be manually coded.
3. Developers can concentrate on a particular task without bothering about SEO and other aspects.
4. Helps in maintaining enhanced income-generating activities on the website.
5. Allows user-registration.
6. Better quality of website content and long-time support in maintaining and controlling the content.
7. Extra flexibility of CMS.

Although PSD to wordpress theme is time consuming, with the help of skilled and proficient wordpress developers one can achieve the desired results in time. It is normally considered better to hire a professional wordpress developer in order to make an enigmatic business website. The PSD to wordpress conversion allows more visitors to visit your website and they can take advantage of various navigation tools present on the website.

The process of PSD to wordpress theme involves the conversion of PSD files to the format of wordpress. 
Here are the steps that are required to convert PSD to wordpress:
1. Though this first step seems to be quite ordinary, it would be able to save your finalization time. In this first step, PSD files are properly analyzed for the level of complexity. CSS code is added with header and footer after dividing the HTML code.
2. This is the second and the most imperative step in the process of PSD to wordpress conversion. It involves the opening of photoshop file that needs to be sliced with the help of any compatible software. The slicing of file is done in parts very carefully and all parts are layered before converting them to .jpg or image format. These .jpg and image files cannot be uploaded without converting them to CSS or HTML format therefore this step needs to be implemented with great care.
3. Third step is to convert PSD to HTML for creating a vibrant website. For a lively website, you must need to make wrapper div; comment and header div as well. Other parts such as website logo, body, name and central image into separate divs.
4. In this last step the static website is converted into wordpress active website.
5. To conclude, the website should be thoroughly for all operations and navigations. Once everything seems perfect, you’re full of life website is ready to launch.


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